Steel fiber is a concrete reinforcing material processed to small steel line with 3060 of length and 0.51.0
of wire diameter, which is a product produced for improving and reinforcing dynamic behavior and physical features
such as tensile strength, flexural strength, and resistance against crack by dispersing and mixing with concrete.
- Steel fiber for concrete reinforcing is used after produced by diverse shape and value according to its function and
  application field. So it represents each size as aspect ratio.
- Aspect ratio is the value of nominal length of steel fiver divided by diameter or nominal diameter.
  ASTM A 820/A
Type, cold-drawn wire.
KS F 2564 : 2000
Steel fiber for concrete
(Our company's test result)
Length 5% ±5% 5%, passed
Diameter 5% ±5% ±5%, passed
7.5% 10% ±5%, passed
Each min 310
Ave. min. 345
Each min. 450
Ave. min. 500
Min 1000,
Should not to be bended
when bending 90inside of
3.2mm diameter in
temperature of more
than 16.
Should not be bended when
bending to the 90
(curve radius 3mm)direction
inside diameter on more than
16 temperature.
Normal after judging outer
shape after winding
16, 90, passed
Steel Fiber and Ultra Fiber chip which are currently produced by Daein Co., Ltd. employ ASTM A 820 type I
(Deformed cold-drawn wire), BS EN 14889-1.
( ASTM A 820 : American standard specification for steel fiber for fiber-reinforced concrete)