05 Feb Certified as a research department (No. 2010250043)


01 Dec Selected as an export promising small and medium business
            (No. 09Jeonbuk-46)


30 Nov CE Certification-EN 14889-1:2006(1020-CPD-010025474)

  11 June ISO 9001 Certifications-ks Q ISO 9001:2009
             Production of steel fiber, welding wire net, and wires

15 May Exported the steel fiber (South Africa)


25 Sep Certified as a clean business field (No. 47,720)


18 Sep Applied the patent on method for manufacturing steel fiber for concrete
            and manufacturing system thereof


10 Apr Certified as an Inno-Biz (No. 8101-0887)


08 Apr Applied the patent on method for manufacturing steel fiber by heat
            treatment process


21 Mar Concluded an academic-industrial cooperation agreement
            (Korea PolyTech University Gimje campus)


6 Mar Registered the patent on an equipment to manufacture welding wire net for
          concrete waterway pipe


30 Nov Constructed the welding wire net process automation system

  30 July Constructed the steel fiber production equipment in the Plant 1
             (ASTM A 820 type 1)

17 Aug Installed more welding net production lines in the Plant 2

  18 Apr Installed more wire drawing equipments and welding net production line
           in the Plant 3

23 July Obtained a permission for trade business and started (27102769)


20 June Established Enterprise Resource Planning system


30 Apr Installed more annealing line in the Plant 1


30 May Constructed new building of head office and warehouse


25 May Enlarged the Plant 1 and installed more wire drawing equipments


31 July KS Certification-KS D 7017 Regular welding wire net (WFP, WFR, WFI)


10 Mar KS Certification-KS D 3552 Regular wire (SWM-B, 2.607.00mm)



  20 Nov Founded Daein Co., Ltd.